Gratings and steps

Polimex Mostostal is one of the leading platform gratings manufacturers in Europe thanks to the innovations in the company´s technology and production. The company´s cost-effective, flexible production lines and high quality products are also major advantages for Polimex Mostostal. In order to meet the increasing requirements of the customers, the company continuously invests in developing its production methods and customer service. The manufacturing process based on “state-of-art technology” and reliable customer service, assuring high quality products and fast, punctual delivery. Typical platform gratins customers are large construction and industrial companies as well as leading design and architectural offices.

Polimex Mostostal offers two types of gratings; forge welded gratings (Z) and press-in gratings (P). Forge welded gratings’s (Z) main features are a solid load resistance, safety, strength and quick installation. These gratings are broadly used in factories, construction platforms and gangways, staircases, handrails and numerous other applications for safe and secure walk over and working platforms.

Press-in gratings´s (P) features include robust construction, wide range of applications and attractiveness. Press-in gratings are used as platform applications, facades and solar shadings, ceilings and fences.

Gratings are manufactured according to DIN 24 537 and international quality standard ISO-9001. The grating types and sizes, cut-outs, usage and loading requirements as well as the fixing systems are all provided according to customer needs. The best practical solutions are developed in co-operation with customers.

Grating products and service

  • forge welded gratings; Z
  • press-in gratings; P
  • stair treads (steps)  Z/P
  • spiral and straight staircases
  • facades
  • solar shadings
  • ceilings
  • engineering design