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Pattern perforated solar shade sheets for Hatsala School’s cafeteria

STW Steel implemented and assisted with the design of perforated sunshade sheets for Hatsala School’s cafeteria. This work was based on a student project to personalize the new building’s appearance. The photographs of students’ faces created as a result of the project were digitalized and realized in a suitable form in the perforations at the factory. The perforated sheets were made from aluminum and were powder-coated.

The designs were created in cooperation with an architect and the school’s staff, and a construction company ordered the installation from a steel builder. STW Steel was involved in the project every step of the way, which allowed the project to be implemented flexibly, utilizing the expertise of every party without information gaps. An excellent example of how an idea can be realized as perforations on a metal sheet. We would be happy to assist with similar projects.

Product details:
STW perforated sheet—Pattern perforation based on photographs, four different sizes of round perforations (5–25 mm), pitch 30 mm, background R10 T15 (40%), thickness 2.0 mm, aluminum EN 1050, painted RAL 7040 gray.

Expanded metal sheets for the outdoor corridors of metro station Niittykumpu; Finland

STW Steel supplied prefabricated mesh sheets for the southern and northern outdoor corridors of Niittykumpu metro station. The mesh sheets were painted and installed into the steel frame according to the architectural plan. Because the corridors’ roof structure comprises several prefabricated mesh sheets, the suitability of the mesh sheets’ manufacturing tolerances for the plans were checked with due care before manufacturing. The mesh sheets are made from aluminum. The colorful covered corridors are an impressive detail in the Niittykumpu metro station area.

Product details:
STW mesh sheet—110x52-24x2 mm, aluminum EN1050, sizes according to the architectural plan, painted with RAL colors.

Expanded metal sheets for the advertising area of shopping center Itäkeskus i3; Finland

STW Steel provided the Itäkeskus i3 project with red-painted aluminum mesh sheets as base plates for the advertising area on the facade. The mesh sheets were made in customized sizes according to the drawing and were powder-painted at the factory with paint suitable for outdoor use.

Product details:
STW mesh sheet—200x70-20x2 mm, aluminum EN1050, painted RAL3000 red. The pitch for the full mesh size was taken into account in the frame structure’s dimensions, allowing a uniform and continuous surface structure to be created for the facade.

New office building at Tikkurila station—Expanded metal sheets

The developer wanted a modern and metropolitan look for the facade of this office building, which is situated in a prominent location. The sheet sizes and frame structure were optimized according to the architectural plan.

The factory’s latest innovative and impressive mesh sheet model was used at the site. The first project in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Product details: STW mesh sheet—400x140 (320)-150x3 mm, aluminum anodized to a natural color (CL20).

Hot-dip galvanized and painted snow guards for the shopping center i3; Finland

Product details: STW grating—34x76-30/3 mm, hot-dip galvanized, grating sizes designed according to drawings, painted RAL3009 reddish brown.

Expanded metal sheets for the new ball game hall in Turku

STW provided the ball game hall built in Kupittaa, Turku, which meets international standards, with an impressive facade cladding in cooperation with an installation company. The sheets were cut into shape according to the layout plans of the architect and manufacturer. The three-dimensional nature of the frame structure was taken into account in the mesh sheets’ dimensions.

Product details: STW mesh sheet—98x48-15x2 mm, aluminum EN1050, painted RAL9005 black.

Painted grating platform under a glass ceiling in Aalto University’s AGRE project

In the implementation of the university’s platform project, both visual considerations and technical properties made the site challenging. The grating was dimensioned with consideration to the architect’s requirements of openness, load-bearing capacity, uniformity of the structure and its impressive indoor appearance.

Product details: STW grating—43x76-40/4 mm, framed, hot-dip galvanized, painted RAL 9003 white.

Expansion of Tampere Hall—hot-dip galvanized, painted and framed mesh sheets, and galvanized and painted grated platforms

STW mesh sheets were used in cladding the interior and exterior walls. The mesh sheet on the external wall was hot-dip galvanized and painted. Untreated painted steel indoors.

Product details: STW mesh sheet—42x14-6x2.0 mm, frame profile 15x3x3 mm, mounting holes in the frame, hot-dip galvanized/untreated, painted RAL9010 white.
Grating in the mechanical room: STW grating—21x76-30/2 mm, framed, hot-dip galvanized, dimensions according to the drawings, painted RAL9005 black.

Renovation and expansion of Turku City Theater — perforated sheet walls of the main section of the auditorium and perforated sheets under maintenance platforms

Product details: STW perforated sheet—R12 T16 (50%), thickness 5 mm, aluminum EN1050, sizes according to the architectural plan, painted with a RAL color.

Wihuri 3 logistics center—Expanded metal sheets for the facade and stair towers

The frame structure of the facades was designed together with the architect and builder, and the sheet sizes were chosen to correspond to the architect’s vision of a unified facade structure. In the facade, the delivery of the mesh sheets at full mesh size was coordinated with the dimensioning of the frame structure, so that the sheets could be mounted according to the architect’s vision.

Product details: STW mesh sheet—200x80-24x3 mm, aluminum EN1050, painted RAL9010 white.

Espoo Catering—Expanded metal sheets

Product details: STW mesh sheet—Q16x11-3x2 mm, aluminum EN1050, painted RAL9016 white.
STW mesh sheet—20x53-3x2 mm, AISI 304; EN 1.4301.

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