Perforated sheets and expanded metal

Perforated sheets are widely and effectively used in different kinds of product applications in industry, construction, agriculture and machinery. Typical applications include air and particle filters, drying screens, acoustic insulation, facades and platforms, handrails, suspended ceilings and numerous other industrial design applications such as automobile, domestic appliances and ITC- industry. STW Steel Ltd provides the best tailor-made solutions for each and every application.

Perforated sheets are manufactured using a punched method. After punching, further deforming processes such as cut-outs, bending, folding, welding, assembling and finishing etc. are often used in tailor-made solutions.

The shape of the hole can be round, square, rectangular, clover-shaped or tailored according to the customer needs. The holes can be also be embossed. The manufacturing program consists of more than 500 different patterns and more than 1000 items in stock.

Manufacturing options

  • hole size: 0.40 - 120 mm
  • plate size: stock sizes 1000x2000 and 1250x2500, max. width 2000 mm
  • thickness: 0.40 - 20.0 mm


  • hot- or cold-rolled steel
  • galvanized steel
  • aluminum
  • stainless
  • brass and copper
  • painted RAL colours