Solid know-how and excellent service attitude

STW Steel, founded in 2010, is backed by over 20 years of experience in the steel business. STW Steel is an expert on steel products and solutions.

STW Steel supplies innovative, high-quality steel products and solutions for construction and industry in Finland and nearby regions. Our main products are gratings and treads, perforated and expanded metal sheets, welded meshes and fence products.

STW Steel represents the leading manufacturers in the steel product industry. Products are delivered to customers either through a temporary storage facility or directly from the factory. Our global connections with suppliers and flexible logistics solutions allow products to be delivered according to customers’ needs.

STW Steel’s operations are based on a solid understanding of the industry, market-driven customer service, and a desire to develop and implement innovative steel-based products and solutions for the benefit of our customers. The long experience, know-how and service attitude in the company, together with our high-quality product solutions and cost-effective and precise deliveries, provide added value to our customers’ business operations. Our wide supplier network together with our partners ensures that the products and solutions are based on the one-stop-shop principle.